Client Testimonials

"I thought I knew a lot about investing because my father once owned a wealth management firm, but because my family is now going through an arbitration to recoup millions - taken by an advisor we trusted for years - today I would never invest with anyone unless I used WealthGuard first." – Scott Gilbert

“Having trust in my advisor is more difficult than ever due to the current state of the banks, stock market, Ponzi schemes and the general unstable economic environment. I am grateful to have WealthGuard to provide a trusted second opinion of my finances, my advisor and the banks I do business with.” – Anne W.

“It is very difficult to know how to measure the results of my financial advisor; how is my performance vs. other investors; whether the fees are high or low; and whether I am getting the best advisor for my money. Thank you WealthGuard for providing full disclosure and transparency!”
– Mike Densen

“WealthGuard has opened my eyes to the inner workings behind my portfolio and the bank I do business with. The due diligence performed brought to light the underperformance and high fees that I otherwise would not have uncovered on my own. I am glad they are here to guard my wealth. My only regret is not knowing about their services earlier!” – Micheal Wachtel

“My sense of security was rightfully brought to a state of reality thanks to the work done by WealthGuard. Without their unbiased overview of my accounts, I wouldn’t have questioned my financial situation, trusting that my advisor and bank were working solely in my best interests. I am grateful to have them as my guardians.”- Peg W.