About WealthGuard

What Is WealthGuard?

WealthGuard is a unique independent consultancy that provides objective, expert guidance and powerful resources to individual investors. Our mission is to help high net worth individuals and families make better decisions regarding the wealth managers they choose through unbiased, transparent analysis.

WealthGuard accepts no remuneration from any source but the client. We do not work with any investment firm, bank or advisory team. WealthGuard is not in the business of managing portfolios or recommending investments, we work solely for our investor clients to bring transparency to the world of wealth management.

We believe that our services offer distinct and significant value to our clients:

  • WealthGUARD applies an expert, efficient process to the evaluation of financial advisors, a process that all too often rewards slick marketing over good fundamentals
  • WealthGUARD helps clients ensure their fees are appropriate to the expertise, value and performance of an advisor
  • WealthGUARD's ongoing monitoring of advisor relationships ensures alignment with a client's specific strategic goals.