Professional Framework  WealthCHECK™

WealthCHECK™ is an intensive review, audit and analysis of your existing wealth management relationships and accounts, including intensive vetting of your advisor(s), fees, strategy and implementation, asset allocation and product selection. This ensures fees are minimized and account managers and activities are appropriate for your goals and objectives.

Professional Framework  WealthMONITOR™

WealthMONITOR™ is ongoing, holistic oversight and monitoring of your wealth manager(s) and accounts they manage as a client advocate to ensure continued implementation of the appropriate selected strategy, asset allocation, implementation, product mix and fee basis.

Professional Framework  WealthMATCH™

WealthMATCH™ is an expert, efficient process to identify an ideal advisor for each client. WealthMATCH™ focuses on identifying candidates who are best positioned to implement the client's specific goals at appropriate, transparent fees, while also maintaining the appropriate levels of ethical standards and deep knowledge of the investment solutions they offer.

The WealthMATCH™ process is focused on deep scrutiny of each candidate utilizing WealthGuard's proprietary rating system. Additionally, upon identification of the client's ideal candidate, WealthGuard assists in negotiating a transparent advisory agreement, an appropriate fee basis and assists in ensuring that the client and the new advisor are clearly aligned on strategy and implementation.