What is WealthGuard?

Expert Due Diligence in Finding a New Financial Advisor and Evaluation of Current Advisors

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Subtle Thoughts

Foundation Executive Case Study

Tony - Executive Director of a non-profit foundation. Required expert vetting and matching of a new advisor, with ongoing monitoring and oversight
Subtle Thoughts

Recent Divorcee Case Study

Anne - Before her divorce, her husband of 35 years had taken the front seat when it came to the couple's wealth management plan. Now she’s on her own and needed education and direction

Our Services at a Glance

  • Advisor Assessment
  • Advisor Search
  • Forensic Portfolio Analysis
  • Forensic Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Oversight

Powered by MSA

MSA Investigations, led by Edward Dickson performing intensive background checks for businesses, government agencies, and individuals world-wide. Our partnership with MSAI brings WealthGuard’s due diligence and background checks on financial advisors to the highest caliber.